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INDO NVDA is a Screen Reading Software which is a customized VERSION of NVDA for Indian languages. Indo NVDA includes 14 Nuance vocalizer and Eloquence voices in 10 different Languages (Indian English, British English, American English, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil,   Telugu, and Marathi).

Click here to ( Listen to sample of Vocalizer voices). NVDA already includes e-speak voices of all Indian languages. The software is designed to make computers accessible for visually impaired people in all parts of the country. The DVD of the software includes  Itools, the self-learning tutorial package from Enable India. It is yet another step of SAKSHAM in empowering persons with blindness in collaboration with Enable India as we believe in limiting limitations.

This version of Indo-NVDA is a free upgrade for all those who have purchased NVDA vocalizer voices license earlier from saksham. If you have received the license by e-mail or if you need to upgrade your previous copy of NVDA Vocalizer license, go to the Download (Download link) page of Indo-NVDA and follow installation instructions provided there.

To get more details, write to [email protected] or call 011-64650655, 011-42411015, 011-45793600.