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Vocalizer Voices for Indo-NVDA

Welcome to the Vocalizer download page for Indo-NVDA!
Here you can download Vocalizer driver and Vocalizer voices for Indo-NVDA available from Saksham. These are available as NVDA add-ons. NVDA should already be installed on the computer before these driver and voice add-ons can be installed. You also need to purchase license code for this add-on from Saksham.

Download & Installation Instructions

1. Download the driver  add-on and desired vocalizer voice add-ons using the download links provided below. If you have received Add-on files on DVD or any other media from Saksham, then you can go to next step without downloading the files.

2. Open the folder where downloaded files are located.

3. Press enter on the driver file called “saksham-vocalizer-driver.nvda-addon”; NVDA will present a warning dialog asking you to confirm if you want to install the add-on. Answer Yes to continue;.

4. Repeat above steps for each of the desired voice add-on.

5. The installation process is already complete for those machines on which vocalizer voice licence has already been registered from Saksham.

Go to the next step to register a new licence.

6. After installation of add-on, you need to authorize it using the license key provided to you by Saksham. It is preferred that your computer is connected to internet during this process. Authorization need to be done only once and can be done any time after installation of the driver add-on

Follow below steps for authorization.

7. Press NVDA+n key to go to NVDA menu

8. Arrow down to “Indo-NVDA” and press enter to go to its sub-menu. Arrow down to “Manage License” and press enter to open the dialogue-box for license authorization.

9. Fill in the edit boxes for Name, e-mail and License-ID. Leave rest of the fields as they are and tab to “online register” button and press enter. If your license ID is valid and you are connected to internet, then Indo-NVDA will get authorized and ready to be used. Refer to NVDA user manual to know more about selecting how to switch to Eloquence Saksham Indo-NVDA or to Vocalizer Saksham Indo-NVDA synthesizer. Once Vocalizer Saksham Indo-NVDA synthesizer is selected, you can switch voices that you have installed along with the driver add-on.

10. If you are not connected to internet, then you will need to send your machine key that is displayed in the “manage license” dialogue-box to Saksham. You will receive a license file from saksham. Save that file in your computer. Go to “Manage License” Dialogue-box and tab to offline import button and press enter. Now locate the license file sent to you by saksham and press enter on “open” button. This would complete the Indo-NVDA authorization process.